Listening to Christian Radio for Personal Gospel Music Praise and Worship

Listening to Christian Radio for Personal Gospel Music Praise and Worship

Gospel Music Praise and Worship – Enjoy it via Online Radio

Black gospel music is a powerful force in the Christian world. It has helped many people come to faith in Jesus Christ, and it has even helped some through hard times. But in order to listen to black gospel radio, you have had to either purchase a CD or tune into your local station on the AM or FM dial. Fortunately, there are now websites that play black gospel online 24 hours a day for free!

Listening to Christian radio for personal gospel music praise and worship is a great way to have some spiritual respite from the busyness of life. It’s easy to get caught up with daily tasks, but we need to remember that there are other things in life besides work! Listening to Christian radio stations on your commute or during your lunch break can be a wonderful way of getting back in touch with God through music. This blog post will go over a few of the ways to listen to Christian radio.

Christians Can Find 24/7 Black Gospel Radio Streaming Free Online

-Check your local listings for Christian stations in your area and pick one that broadcasts at a time when you can tune in easily. For example, if you work from home all day but still want some variety while working on projects, it might be easier for you to select a station that streams gospel music 24/7.
You can even find stations that play old-time gospel and contemporary Christian black gospel radio broadcasts as well. Until recently religious songs were only played on Sundays, but now we have more access than ever before. There is no reason not to tune in!
-Put a station in the background so that you are constantly hearing uplifting music without having to actively engage with it. You can find Christian radio stations on your phone, iPad or laptop and tune them into while working, cooking dinner, doing homework or any other daily task!

From Old-Time Hymns to Urban and Contemporary There is Something For All.

-Browse different types of Christian songs by going online, simply look for gospel music online. Several stations will come up. You want to select an online Christian music station that plays the type of gospel that sooths your soul.
-If you want to find stations that play a specific type of gospel, such as traditional or contemporary Gospel music, look for a station that plays your desired particular style. You can also search by genre or even search for hymns you sing at church.
-You may be able to listen live and interact with the hosts on some online Christian radio stations!
My top choice for black gospel radio online is A Better Gospel. This station is relatively new on the Christian scene yet is fastly gaining a top spot on the charts as one of the top gospel music online radio stations across America.

Behind the Scenes – the Beginning of A Better Gospel

Broadcasting from Houston, Texas, A Better Gospel was started by a young black female DJ, Ms. Kelci Hampton. Ms. Hampton is a graduate of Sam Houston State University. There she majored in communications. She completed her internship at one of the largest music companies in the USA which is iHeart radio.
This prestigious internship prepared her to start and run two successful online radio stations. A Better Gospel is an A Better Broadcasting and Media company.
Do you think you have what it takes to be a top Christian music DJ? Ready to host your very own Christian talk show? A Better Gospel is always looking for new talent.

A Christian Online Radio Station that Plays The Best in Black Gospel Music

Call them during business hours which are Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and someone will be more than happy to chat with you about both their advertising opportunities and becoming a part of the A Better Gospel family. Or visit for a complete list of all DJ’s and Christian shows.
Need more convincing on why to Choose Gospel music to sooth your soul? Here are six compelling reasons why you should be tuning in to the A Better Gospel.

  • Soul-soothing music that will always make you feel better.
  • Always free and always on 24/7, so there’s never a time when you can’t listen!
  • Great for gatherings such as Church Services or even just sitting around your house with friends, family and your special loved one.
  • When you tune in you are helping to support both a woman and black owned business.
  • A Better Gospel is a hot and new on the scene online radio station streams the freshest gospel sounds.
  • You can listen and enjoy the station anytime, anywhere.

A Better Gospel was launched in 2018 to provide an online radio that would give listeners a variety of choices from gospel artists of all kinds – old school or new school – with no boundaries!

About A Better Gospel

A Better Gospel started for one reason: to celebrate the rich and soulful sounds of gospel music praise and worship. Their audience seeks to find inspiration, positivity and spiritual support through the sounds that are both distinctly African American and Christian. When you tune in you will find the many voices following in the tradition of the men and women who dedicated their lives to spreading their love and the message of their faith.