History of Black Gospel Music

History of Black Gospel Music

We hear lots of music genres daily, we admire them, and the melody which hits you the most stays in your heart for long. Even if the song ends, the melody lingers on. Gospel music is also such a kind of Christian music genre that goes deep inside your heart and often stays there.

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The History of Black Gospel Music:

Let’s have a deep round in the history of gospel music. In African American cathedrals, gospel music is deeply rooted. In late 1800, the bishops of African American cathedrals started experimenting on different music styles to use in their worship services. The melody of this music was qualified by adding clapping and foot-stomping. The church choir was backbone of the church service.

Evolving in the Late 1930s:

In the late 1930s, when Thomas A. Dorsey was elected as “father of gospel music” and began working for the pilgrim Baptist church in Chicago, the conventional structure of gospel music was revolutionized. Previously, Thomas was a jazz pianist and a well-known composer who composed many songs and notes with other singers. Gospel blues were the results of the gospel music’s innovative additions to traditional gospel music. The gospel blues were the outcome of the fusion of his blues and jazz notes with a hint of conventional gospel music. At first, gospel blues had to face the severe rejection, but later on, the people accepted it thinking it the new version of gospel music.

Styles of gospel music online:

Four various styles of gospel music gained fame throughout the world. Although there are many gospel styles, quartet style, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, and praise and worship are the styles that touched the heights of glory and fame, and these styles echoed in churches.

The famous artists of gospel music:

After Thomas A Dorsey took the first step towards bringing the change in the traditional gospel music, many other music artists followed his footsteps. They experimented with the conventional gospel music notes. James Cleveland and Mahalia Jackson are two big names who succeeded in gaining worldwide popularity. James Cleveland had the honor to sing under the direction of Thomas A Dorsey at Pilgrim Baptist Church. Later on, the doors of success kept on opening for him as he was titled the first gospel artist to record a live gospel LP. Moreover, James Cleveland also wears the honor of selling over 50,000 albums.


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