Gospel music radio’s popularity is exploding. At A Better Gospel we are here for one reason: to celebrate the rich and soulful sounds of Gospel Music. Our audience seeks to find inspiration, positivity and spiritual support through the sounds that are both distinctly African American and Christian. Here you will find the many voices following in the tradition of the men and women who dedicated their lives to spreading their love and the message of their faith.

Black Gospel Music online radio stations like A Better Gospel broadcast messages that emphasize the beauty and joy of living life with faith. Black Gospel music is deeply rooted in American history. Black Gospel Music has endured persecution and oppression, but it has come back even stronger each time because of its ties to African Americans’ commitment to spirituality through song. Black gospel music speaks about hopefulness


Gospel Music is steeped in tradition, telling the story of the men and women who travelled the country from town to town raising money from their talents. As the popularity of the music spread, recordings were made of their compositions and traditional renditions of the music they knew. It created a historic contribution to the African community, not only by creating a distinct sound to the music enjoyed in the community, but also for the plight of the people and the stories they tell through music.

The recordings are a proud testament to the culture and are preserved and shared through our blog. When gospel music became popular in America, gospel singers would travel from town to town singing their songs of praise for all who attended church services. The artists needed money, so they travelled around finding churches that wanted them to perform at different events, such as revivals or praise and worship services.

Here you can listen to the four distinct genres of gospel music that exist. If you’d like to read about them, here they are.


Contemporary Gospel online radio by A Better Gospel. Contemporary gospel is a modern incarnation of the genre, very popular amongst young people. While not unique to gospel music, this modernization of biblical hymns is innovative and ingenious and has been very successful in attracting younger people to the church. Contemporary African American gospel music features vocalists singing over electronic instrumentals or choir backing. The contemporary gospel is so popular in North America that it has had its own radio stations and television stations developed entirely for people to listen to and enjoy the music.

A popular feature of the contemporary gospel is its fusion with rap music. Though hip-hop culture was once thought to be at odds with the church, many have seen that this style of music can still incorporate important values and messages into their lyrics. For example, Kanye West's song "Jesus Walks" focuses on using religion to improve lives


The traditional gospel is much the same today as it was over a hundred years ago. As mentioned in the introduction, it was developed by black churchgoers in the southernmost states of the United States of America. It is a distinct genre that is unlike any other, apart of course, from its sub-genres. Traditional gospel music is liked by all, but favored most by the older generation. New contemporary gospel is unquestionably the favorite of the young reflected by billboard charts. Traditional gospel music is very popular all over the United States now and is a staple of the African American community and something universally associated with them.

Traditional gospel is a style of music characteristic of traditional black worship. It has its roots in traditional hymnody and 20th century gospel, with a unique sound not seen anywhere else. Different traditional groups have been at the forefront within traditional gospel from the Five Blind Boys of Mississippi to The Blind Boys of Alabama, but all traditional groups have that certain traditional sound that is easily distinguishable, yet impossible to describe.

Groups such as the Dixie Hummingbirds and Mighty Clouds of Joy are often considered traditional despite having an overtly contemporary feel in some songs. Traditional gospel singing is quartet singing popularized by The Fairfield Four in Nashville Tennessee who carried on a tradition they learned from their predecessors the Sacred Harp Singers of Birmingham Alabama.


Quiet praise is praise with song. Just relax to the soothing sounds found on A Better Gospel. Gospel songs soothes the mind, body, and soul. Usually done with instrumentation such as an organ or saxophone with vocals to create a prayerful mood filled with inspiration and calm.

Quiet worship soothes one's soul. Brings calm. Gives peace. Makes one want to praise and worship God more and more, unto eternity.

Praise and worship are the praise of God, usually within a Christian gathering of worshippers. Praise is often expressed by "giving thanks" or declaring his greatness (Exodus 20:21; 1 Chronicles 16:8–36; Psalm 50:23). Worship in praise can be seen as an overflow of praise and thanksgiving for the blessings God has bestowed upon believers.


Through our black gospel website and app, we support the community while bringing the best of billboard gospel music’s genre to the public. Our extensive music library brings music from all aspects of southern gospel music allowing us to elevate awareness while bringing joy to the hearts of our listeners. You can listen to a wide variety of music from the Golden Age of Gospel straight through to the most popular modern performances from industry stars. The music is beautifully produced and tells the stories of our community, its struggles, and its triumphs.

Praise and Worship is a genre of the praise music which involve singing praises to God using songs of praise. In praise and worship, there will be an ensemble consisting of a group of singers who sing praise songs in different ways such as with volume and passion.


Our goal is to keep gospel artist’s music alive on the radio and online by streaming gospel music online free, so it can be shared and loved by both current and future generations. This genre cannot be lost due to a lack of airtime. At A Better Gospel, both dedicated fans of the performers as well as new listeners can celebrate the beauty of the music and its inspirational spirit whenever they can use a lively motivation to their day. In addition, listen to gospel music free is a great way to get closer to God.

Gospel's exceptional performers share the earliest roots of their country's musical heritage and style, from spirituals through blues, jazz, R&B and rock n' roll.


Our musical programming also brings pride to youth in the African American community setting an example of what can be achieved through perseverance and determination. The struggles of many black gospel singers and groups are often reflected in their songs played on the gospel airway chart, but their success is a testament to their dedication and commitment to their beliefs and history. New fans are made through A Better Gospel where people of all ages and backgrounds can discover free gospel music stations online.


We share all genres of gospel music, providing something for everyone. Better Gospel songs, from contemporary gospel with its modern sounds, impactful vocals and upbeat sounds to the traditional gospel originally sung over a century ago, people of all ages can listen in to this inspirational music. We also play praise and worship, combining the sounds of both traditional and contemporary music creating a fusion genre that is more fun and upbeat.

Top Black Gospel Music Artists

In the black gospel music industry, as in any other genre of music, black gospel artists stand as household names and celebrated personalities. This list of black gospel singers consists of the best black gospel music singers and musicians throughout history – presented in alphabetical order – who have kept black Gospel alive and thriving within Christian communities all over the world.

  1. Kirk Franklin
  2. Kayne West
  3. Travis Green
  4. Marvin Sapp
  5. Tasha Cobbs Leonard

What are The Best Black Gospel Choir Songs ?

The Black Gospel Choir is a common American choir of Black Americans. It's debut was in the 1890's. Since the Black Gospel Choir tradition began, many songs have been written and composed by African-American composers, such as Thomas A. Dorsey, who later became known as "the Father of Black Gospel Music." Here are our picks for Best Black Gospel Songs

  1. Oh Happy Day
  2. When I Rose This Morning
  3. Move On Up a Little Higher
  4. Something About the Name Jesus
  5. Mary Don’t You Weep

List of Black Gospel Praise & Worship Songs

Below is a list of black gospel praise and worship songs. Christians love to attend religious services where Praise and Worship songs. Southern gospel churches are famous for black gospel music, black gospel praise and worship songs.

Christian black churches are known for their black gospel praise and worship songs. We surveyed Christians across the USA and Here our top 10 of Black Gospel Praise and Worship Songs list.

1. Lord You’re Holy
2. Holding on
3. A Song For You
4. You’ve Been So Good
5. Hold On
6. Amazing Grace
7. Pray For Me
8. Thank You Lord
9. I Will Trust In The Lord
10. Thank You Lord

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